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Become a certified backflow tester through our school today! We offer state certification training through ASSE, USC, AWWA, Ohio DOC, and more. When you register for one of our programs, you can trust that you will be well prepared to test devices throughout the backflow industry, including plumbing, fire protection, and many others.

Backflow Tester Certification Courses

Participants in these courses will learn the rules and regulations of the backflow industry for their respective states, along with various backflow prevention assemblies. The students will have hands-on practice where they learn to troubleshoot different assemblies. Choose from the following courses based on the state you need to be licensed in

Backflow State Certification Approved

ASSE/Indiana/ Kentucky/Ohio

Backflow Tester Re‑Certification Training for

ASSE, Ohio, and Kentucky

Backflow Repair Course

Recurrent Backflow Refresher Education

Utility Cross-Connection Control Specialist Certification

Why Trust Our Company

Our training courses allow you to learn from professionals who have been approved to train by the following government offices and organizations:

  • American Society of Sanitary Engineering
  • Indiana Department of Environmental Management
  • Kentucky Association of Master Contractors
  • Ohio Department of Commerce
Proctor Training

We Have Multiple Locations To Serve You

Sign up and get your certificate! Our company have multiple locations where you can take backflow courses. Feel free to talk to our staff about the schedule and training available in your preferred location.